Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills - Luxury hotel - 4 ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS IN BANA HILLS FOR THE BEST DATE OF YOUR LIFE


For those who come to Bama Hills and want to fully enjoy the romantic beauty of the French Village, Mercure Danang suggests the top 4 most romantic restaurants. Candlelight dating, glasses of wine, and beautifully decorated dishes in a classic space are highly recommended to visit and experience with the 4 perfect options below.


L’Étable stands out among the restaurants at Sun World Bana Hills by serving various traditional dishes of both French and Vietnamese cuisines. Located inside the Hôtel de Marseille, visitors can both dine and admire the grandeur of nature from the highest position of Chua Mountain

Under the leadership of Chef Janne Ollikainen, the chefs at L’Étable restaurant will lead guests on the journey of taste, starting with fresh crispy salads and continuing with nutritious fish dishes. Grilled Salmon and choose European dishes with Coq Au Vin (French chicken stew in red wine sauce) or Orange Canard A L’orange Grilled Duck Drumstick.

On holidays like Christmas or Valentine, L’Étable restaurant also serves special menus for two, with premium ingredients of French Goose Liver, Hokkaido Scallops, and Truffle Mushrooms, …

Service hours: 11:00 – 20:00

Nhà hàng Maison Du Roi

Located on one of the most beautiful corners of the French Village, visitors can find Maison Du Roi on a romantic slope. From here, visitors can fully admire the ancient beauty of Saint-Denis church and the bustle of Du Dome Square which is not far from that.

From the outside, Maison Du Roi resembles a typical stone-paved castle, with romantic windows and stairs decorated with colorful flowers, which are cared for and changed weekly.

If you are looking for a high-class restaurant serving delicious wines, cocktails, and international cuisine, Maison Du Roi is the hard-to-miss choice. Please satisfy your taste buds with familiar dishes but enjoy them in an impressive and different way from famous Asian and European cuisines.

Service hours: 11:00 – 16:00


Located opposite the Maison Du Roi restaurant, Brasserie exudes the distinct beauty and romance of Italy. Brasserie has become a choice for many visitors who prefer a warm and romantic style. The restaurant offers typical Italian dishes such as Pizza and Spaghetti… as well as European cuisine: Beef stew with wine, Grilled American Tomahawk Beef Ribs, Pan-fried Cod, and Grilled Lamb…

Brasserie is also known for its lovely outdoor space, under the romantic umbrellas. Coming to the restaurant, you can choose for yourself a suitable location to enjoy food, chat with your beloved one, and let yourself drift along the wandering footsteps of people walking around the French Village in the clouds.

Service hours: 9:00 – 16:00

Rosa Fried Chicken

As a fast food restaurant, Rosa Fried Chicken with fried chicken dishes and special sauces available in Ba Na will bring visitors unforgettable experiences when immersed in the space of the fairy-tale rose garden and enjoy extremely unique and flavorful dishes.

Not only attracting visitors with fried chicken, but Rosa Fried Chicken also serves an extensive menu with Bulgogi beef rice and Fatty dishes from cheese and butter. With the criterion of bringing a fresh taste but still ensuring health, this place promises to be an interesting stop for couples, when enjoying fast food above the clouds and surrounded by thousands of roses radiating seductive fragrances.

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