Located in the Sun World Ba Na Hills, Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills not only offers a romantic place to stay, but you can also explore many beautiful entertainment spots.

Grand Cascade

The Grand Cascade is a complex of artistic sculptures made by the Frilli Gallery and Italian artists with the theme of Greek myth. This sophisticated art complex includes more than 40 life-size statues, most of which are recreations of famous works kept in major museums around the world.

This splendid work of art vividly and emotionally retell the journey of the god of the sun Helios. In Greek mythology, day by day, the chariot of the Sun God rises from the east and sets down in the west, bringing with it eternal light. It is a journey of life, hope, and a bright future.


Lunar Castle

As an icon in the fairy world of Ba Na Hills, the Lunar Castle is located between mist and clouds. The mysterious journey here will lead you to the story of the ancient and magical land of the Moon.

Inside Moon Castle, there is a virtual reality cinema. This is a particularly attractive experience, especially for the younger, because the experience of flying on a spaceship through clouds or the hot desert and touching the wonders of the world, is not easy to find anywhere else.

There are 2 ways to get to the Lunar Castle:
– Option 1: Traveling on the 430m long mountain train route, takes less than 2 minutes and you also have time to see the majestic forests.
– Option 2: Go through Eclipse Square which is the cultural festival area, the land where the two kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon meet.

Eclipse Square

In the picture of the magical fairy world, the Kingdom of the Sun and the Kingdom of the Moon are two opposing colours. One side is passionate about light, with sunbeams and excitement, and the other adores coolness, the clear mystery of the night. Eclipse Square is the bridge to connect the Moon and the Sun, where two colours blend, creating a magnificent architectural style.

Eclipse Square is surrounded by 20 sculptures of the goddesses of Greek myth. They are Hestia – the goddess of fire; Hebe – the goddess of youth; Artemis – the goddess of the nature and wilderness. The tourists can feel the pure breath of the fairy tale, with the giant blue glass tower that blends with the sky, containing the quintessence of both light and darkness.

Medieval Europe Fair

Going back many centuries, don’t forget to visit the bustling Europe Fair. The travellers can visit the lively atmosphere of the fairs in the Fair Square area which is near the exit/entry of the Taiga Station & Beer Plaza, with flags flying in the sky and interesting food and entertainment stalls. Get ready with a little luck, you might get a chance to win gifts and receive lots of fun here!

Not to mention the series of games of tossing ring, throwing the ball into the barrel, or throwing the bottle, which are always crowded with visitors stopping to try. The impressive scenery which reminds visitors of an old European movie will surely hold back every adventurous soul.

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