Fall is also when Ba Na in the moonlight becomes more attractive and attractive than ever. Many warm and pleasant activities in Ba Na and special culinary programs await you to explore in this gentle autumn. Join Mercure Danang on the journey to explore the mythical land of Ba Na, capturing beautiful moments during the Mid-Autumn Festival – Tet of Reunion.

Explore the Moon Kingdom

This Mid-Autumn Festival, we invite your families and children to explore the Moon Kingdom – the land of mystery, magic, and fairy tales at the top of Ba Na. Lunar Castle is a place that preserves the remaining traces of the ancient and mysterious history of the Moon Kingdom with majestic architecture located on land separate from other areas of Ba Na. To get here, you can go through Eclipse Plaza or take Funicular No. 2 winding along the side of the mountain.

Each floor of the castle will have different themes and stories with the Dragon Cave – which contains traces of the earliest dragon in the Moon Kingdom, or the story of the Mighty Wolf and the Elite Owl.
Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures with all your senses as you interact with the characters in the movie, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination: 4D Theater “Moon Junction”. Mercure Danang highly recommends you embark on an impressive journey around the world using cutting-edge virtual reality technology – “Flying Eyes” Airship Theater.

On the outside terrace of the castle, Moonlight Square is a place to explore the fortress with a panoramic view of the ancient and magical beauty of the Lunar Castle. You can watch the stars and take a walk in this area to see a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Visit the flower garden and spiritual attractions

In the gentle cold air of autumn and the cozy romantic space at Mercure Danang, walk with your loved ones in romantic gardens filled with colorful flowers and peaceful spiritual areas on top of Ba Na. Each season, each flower color is a characteristic that Ba Na always cultivates and takes care of carefully to give to tourists. Bright roses in the Rosa Rose Garden or hydrangeas are planted in abundance at all the entrances to the spiritual area, Le Jardin D’Amour Garden, Forever Square, and don’t miss the famous check-in point at Thien Thai Garden,… The flowers are beautiful, big, round, and full of life, bringing positive energy to anyone who sees them.

Walking on the Golden Bridge early in the morning

The exclusive experience of the three earliest cable trips from Mercure Danang to Golden Bridge is only for hotel guests. With three early morning hours every day, you will be the first guest to arrive at Golden Bridge and enjoy the clear morning air of Ba Na autumn.

Admire the fairyland of Ba Na at night
The night scene of Ba Na in the fall becomes even more romantic when standing from any corner around Mercure Danang, you can also watch the bright moon, and the romantic starry sky on beautiful days. In the gentle and poetic autumn weather, visit and stay overnight at Ba Na to welcome a full moon season in August with your loved ones.

Mid-Autumn Culinary “Bright Moon”
Indulge your taste buds with a European menu specially curated for the Moon Season at European restaurant. Exquisite dishes from taste to presentation make for perfect moon days.

Set menu “Bright Moon” : 2,999,000VND/set/2 people

  • Succulent Lamb Rack
  • Crisp Autumn Medley Salad
  • Season’s Delight Strawberry Tart
  • 1 bottle of wine Château de Tabuteau

Opening hours: 11:30 – 21:00 | 21/09 – 30/09/2023
At: L’etable Restaurant | Hôtel de Marseille

Invite you to enjoy the sweet taste of traditional Vietnamese moon cake at the Pantry corner in buffet at La Crique Restaurant.

Savour the international buffet dinner at La Crique: Book 4 pay 3 from 469,000VND / ticket and One complimentary child buffet dinner ticket for each paying adult (under 12 years old)

Opening hours: 18:00 – 21:00 | 29/09/2023
At: La Crique Buffet Restaurant | Hôtel de Paris

From only: 469,000VND / ticket / adult
235,000VND / ticket / child (6-12 years old)

Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills sincerely wishes you and your family a happy and memorable in the ‘mythical land’. May this time of year bring you joy, peace and love.

To fully enjoy the moon season, Mercure Danang releases a special publication Mid-Autumn Festival Brochure, which you can use to refer to your itinerary HERE!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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