Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills - Mr. & Ms. Quiz - a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style in Bana Hills

Mr. & Ms. Quiz - a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style in Bana Hills

“What keep the romance last in love?”, some young couples say “Feeling remains as the first sight”. But the wiser couples claim that the answer is the mutual understanding between individuals who get the same hit of Cupid’s arrow. The later answer should come from “no shy” attitude existing between lovers, which makes them comfortable to share each other personal stories, even the smallest things.

Bearing these thoughts, romantic planners from the hotel Mercure Bana Hills French Village came up with the Mr. & Ms. Quiz activity, a question-based game show to know how couple understands each other, in the Saint Denis Church of French Village on February 14th.

The event welcomed dozens of couples amid thousands of visitors to Bana Hills on the Valentine’s Day. Each couple was invited to stage and randomly picked five from a list of questions which was deliberately prepared to be fun and amusing. Then, the couple was separated in 2 minutes to answer from simple questions such as “How old is her mother?”, “What is the first thing he does in the morning?” to more humorous and jokey ones, “How many ex-girlfriends does he have?” “What is her worst habit?”. At the end of each turn, the result was judged based on how many answers matched. The more matches the couple made, the greater prize value they receive.

Mr. & Ms. Quiz was totally not a test to judge the mutual understanding of couple and evaluate how much they love. Instead, the event brought lots of smiles from couples and joyment of the audiences, and even after the game, some expressed that they should love more to understand better. As a result, Mr. & Ms. Quiz was meant to give fun and be a special treatment, besides roses, dinner and kisses, for person who spent their V-Day with partner in Bana Hills.

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